del Tufo Fine Art & Design

A San Diego Artist


About Me

My Background

I'm an East Coast transplant, now enjoying the West Coast culture and lifestyle. After spending a lifetime teaching painting and drawing in a New Jersey high school, it was time for me to express myself as I had encouraged my students to do for so many years. During my teaching career, I worked as a freelance artist with several major New York designers, painting for Designer Showhouses and creating hand painted murals and stenciled surfaces.  

My Medium

I work primarily with acrylic paint. However, occasionally I do like to  incorporate some print media onto my surfaces. Textured surfaces are interesting to me, as well as repeated patterning. I like the look of brush strokes and line in my art - especially line that is scratched or incised - and the surface depth of transparent color.

My Inspiration

Who is not inspired by light, color, wind, water? There are so many combinations in Nature that the job of the artist to translate what we see becomes a lifelong endeavor! However, the knowledge that each of us possesses a unique perception of these elements is both  liberating and motivating.